Our Story

We’re Top Knotch Productions, an MWBE-Certified business.
And we love to set the stage for events that will thrill, inspire, and wow your guests.

Top Knotch Productions is a full-service event production labor company.  Since 1991, our team has built the foundation of creative events, promotions, parties, exhibits, and conferences.
TKP is comprised of highly skilled and detailed oriented professionals in the fields of carpentry, lighting installations, audio, video equipment, and show technicians to operate all the equipment when it’s go time!
And now, we’re ready to adapt to a changing world. Having to pivot from large in-person events to smaller, outdoor, and online productions took us all by surprise. But we’re flexible problem solvers. Just like you.

Vintage Beauties at HBO Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Premiere After Party

Jill Keogh
I’m Jill Keogh, a woman with a passion for making creative events happen. I truly believe that any vision is possible. In 2020 I received my MBA from NYU Stern’s School of Business Professional Program which has provided me with an entirely new skill set that I use to serve my clients better.
I’ve spent years building a successful company in an industry traditionally dominated by male-owned firms.
My team is some of the most skilled, highly trained, and trustworthy event production labor experts in the New York City area. These men and women are strategic thinkers who can find a way to bring whatever you imagine to life. I’ve created a culture of professionalism where no detail escapes our sharp attention.
Here’s a story that’ll show you what I mean. In October 2017, Louis Vuitton brought its traveling pop-up museum to the American Stock Exchange building in lower Manhatten. Of course, LV wouldn’t present less than a stellar display.
Memorable Event Production
The three-story exhibition required us to maneuver vast pieces of the prefabricated sets through the building’s front door — the only entrance. The 55-foot ship’s mast was a real challenge to get through there! The 10 rooms for each era in the company’s history all needed walls built from scratch. The audio and lighting for the interactive displays demanded special care and precision.
Our deadline was three weeks from start to finish. I had a total of 500 technicians and carpenters working in crews of 250 team members in 12-hour shifts around the clock, and we did it! The museum opened on time and wowed visitors for two and a half months.
So, what project do you have in mind? I’d love to hear about your ideas. Let’s make it happen together!